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Always great gluten free pizza!

Rachelle, 14 Jan 2021

Always great gluten free pizzas! Thankyou!

Rachelle, 14 Jan 2021

How can I use my points lads? I've got loads!

Rupert, 13 Jan 2021

So disappointed with are order today Pizza & Chips Cold & missing Fanta . We only had a slice each. My Son ordered from you last time and it was just delicious & hot.

Val Edwards, 09 Jan 2021

  Reply : We so sorry to hear that we would like to fixe this and make it up to you and redo the same order for free for you

The best vegan pizza in Liverpool

Charlie, 09 Jan 2021

Our new favourite pizza place.

Lauren, 07 Jan 2021

I ordered regular cola and revived diet cola the pizza box was pressed against the pizza meaning lots of the cheese and topping were stuck to the inside of the box normally enjoy our food from ottos but this was below the standard we normally receive

Jacqui, 06 Jan 2021

The driver insisted that the post code given took him elsewhere where in fact I know the post code is for exact place I’m at. No other delivery driver ever had problem with it before. Pizza arrived on time but not very hot. I usually like pizza from Ottos but this time I’m a bit disappointed.

Michaela, 28 Dec 2020


Rachel, 19 Dec 2020

Hi I have problems every time I try to amend my address to make it clearer on your site. The address field won't let me add a comma between my flat number and house number. Also when I amend and add my flat number as line 2 it refreshes and deletes it when I click to confirm the change. I have tried adding extra instructions on the comment box but I have had experiences where the extra information can presumably by seen by the kitchen but it isn't on the slip given to the driver. This might be something that needs amending with the website developer. I have no trouble using other sites. I'm not an internet newbie and I do check the address everytime. Let me know if you see any ways around this.

Aleasha, 18 Dec 2020


Rabee, 17 Dec 2020

  Reply : ???? ??? ??? ?? ??????

Great customer service- very polite and helpful - and delicious food at good value. Definitely recommend.

Caroline , 17 Dec 2020

Pizza/burger fine, not many mushrooms and fries were cold

Anthony, 17 Dec 2020


Toni, 14 Dec 2020

How do I use my loyalty points?

Richard, 10 Dec 2020

How do I use my loyalty points?

Richard, 10 Dec 2020


Ryan, 08 Dec 2020

Flat 2 ring when here

Ian, 08 Dec 2020

I have three things to discuss; 1. I've collected 1922 points so far - but there is no option on your website on how to spend my points. 2. As for the pizza, when Khaled makes it, the pizzas are superb. Best in Liverpool. But, a lot of the time, the toppings are low quantity. 3. At times, when I order 20" pizzas with 8 different slices, at least 2 - 3 of the toppings are incorrect. You should take more care on quality control/standards. [I don't require a response from the manager.]

Abdul M, 03 Dec 2020

I think Otto’s Pizza Liverpool always tastes fantastic, whatever I order. It’s really great value for money and I’ve never been disappointed.

Deborah, 01 Dec 2020

can't see how to use loyalty points and we've got quite a lot now - can you please let me know?

Gillian, 24 Nov 2020

I gain points on each order but there is no information on how to use them or what they are even for.

Joanne, 19 Nov 2020

Great takeaway pizza's

Christy, 15 Nov 2020

Great takeaway pizza's

Christy, 15 Nov 2020

I love the quality and taste of the pizza but have recently been let down by delivery time. It has took over an hour the last few times I have ordered pizza.

Hayley, 09 Nov 2020

Waited 45 minutes for delivery and took it of delivery guy and on opening the bag i have been given onion rings instead of garlic mushrooms that i ordered. Simply not good enough. He had gone already what a mess.

Anthony, 07 Nov 2020