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can't see how to use loyalty points and we've got quite a lot now - can you please let me know?

Gillian, 24 Nov 2020

I live 8 minutes away by car but I have to wait more than 1 hour for my order despite the fact the website shows the awaiting time is 60 minutes. Missing dips in my order. Pizza without garlic dip? Nah. Called the restaurant. They have apologised, sent the driver to bring the dips. He came after an hour(!). The dip pots weren’t even 1/3 full. Enough for 2 slices of pizza but not the whole 20inch pizza! Had to eat my pizza cold. Food there is in 99% tasty but the service is quite poor.

Patrick, 19 Nov 2020

I gain points on each order but there is no information on how to use them or what they are even for.

Joanne, 19 Nov 2020

Ordered at 5.20 tonight. And never received our order. Requested a refund and they were more than happy to do so without question... very suspicious. However they put down on just eat that the food was delivered. Will never give this place any business again.

T, 18 Nov 2020

Is this a joke I ordered 2 hours ago and my food is still not here

Darcia, 15 Nov 2020

Great takeaway pizza's

Christy, 15 Nov 2020

Great takeaway pizza's

Christy, 15 Nov 2020

I love the quality and taste of the pizza but have recently been let down by delivery time. It has took over an hour the last few times I have ordered pizza.

Hayley, 09 Nov 2020

Waited 45 minutes for delivery and took it of delivery guy and on opening the bag i have been given onion rings instead of garlic mushrooms that i ordered. Simply not good enough. He had gone already what a mess.

Anthony, 07 Nov 2020

Been ordering from here for years! but i really want to know what the point system is for?

Sam, 02 Nov 2020

Gluten free pizza is excellent, the best GF pizza in Liverpool!

Rachelle, 01 Nov 2020

Very reliable and polite

Elizabeth, 01 Nov 2020

Good all round

Jake, 30 Oct 2020

Saying my order been delivered. Not arrived. Still waiting 45mins after time it was supposed to be delivered. Called 15mins ago still waiting.

Gail, 29 Oct 2020

Hi your pizzas are lovely and just ordered house special for me and my son. Last time it was a bit of a mess but still tasted great. Please ask driver to keep flat. Thank you

David, 15 Oct 2020

Good food

Ant, 15 Oct 2020


Nice pizza, good amount of toppings, just wish it was a little hotter but would eat again

Ryan, 10 Oct 2020

Says the order has been hasn't?? I ordered 70mins ago? Usually great service? What is going on?

John, 26 Sep 2020

Says my order had been hasn't??? I ordered 70mins ago?? Normally excellent service?

John, 26 Sep 2020

Ordered pizza meal deal but did not receive the bottle of 7UP

Jeffrey, 20 Sep 2020

Ordererd loads of time always been nice food todays was terrible bined most of it wasted £20 wont be ordering again delivery drive couldnt find our flat food was nearlly cold carbanara no sauce on it hardly pizza hardly any topping

Paul, 11 Sep 2020

excellent thanjs

Julie, 14 Aug 2020

Great Pizza always!

Peter, 13 Aug 2020

Provided my family & I with great pizza for more than 15 years, thankyou

Miss, 30 Jul 2020

Very happy with our food as always :-)

Julie, 26 Jul 2020


Simon, 13 May 2020